to the Whitman Campus Greens website! We are a progressive club devoted to environmental preservation, education and awareness. Funded by the Associated Students of Whitman College, we work with the campus and the greater Walla Walla community to promote sustainability and appreciation of the environment. Campus Greens is the umbrella group for a lot of the environmental activities at Whitman and is a gathering place for green-minded student leaders and all those who wish to see the environment become a top priority both at Whitman and nationwide. Campus Greens coordinate a range of student led issue-focused campaigns. We also organize environment-related activities and events, such as speakers, teach-ins, art shows, and fun do-it-yourself workshops. Read on for more information, and don’t forget to check out the campaign website for Environmental Education for Kids.

Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund and Bi-weekly Challeng

The Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund (SRLF) is $25,000 line of credit designated for campus improvements that significantly benefit Whitman's sustainability efforts by conserving resources and improving efficiency. All loans are expected to generate savings that result in a 100%+ pay-back within no more than five years. The SRLF will be replenished through the savings accrued from the implementation of the projects.
Some ideas generated for possible projects were:
-Dorm monitors that measure and display the electricity and water usage of residence halls on campus to help raise awareness within the dorm of energy usage
-Aerators on faucets to reduce the amount of water used
-Planting edible crops on campus to sell to the dining halls
-Campus pigs for food waste
-Motion-activated lights in the back staircase of the library
-Air dryers in bathrooms instead of paper towels
-Any 24-hour light bulbs on campus replaced with LED lights
Applications for projects and more information can be found here: http://www.whitman.edu/content/about/environment/srlf
Questions? Ask Lisa Curtis : curtislm@whitman.edu
Campus Greens holds a new challenge every two weeks to help raise environmental awareness and be kind to this good earth around us. Challenges in the past have been:
-eating the most local produce
-having the fewest minutes in the shower (the winner had 40 minutes for two weeks!)
-picking up the most litter around campus
This week's challenge: going the longest stretch of days without consuming ANY high-fructose corn syrup (even when it's hidden in your bread!)


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